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Dan Schoner

Dan Schoner

Sr. IT Consultant
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Dan has extensive lifelong experience in the computer support arena, working in direct support of end-users world-wide.  Since signing on with Legal Concierge Dan has supported over thirty Trials.


  • Brockert v Pfizer – Houston, TX
  • Kammerer v Pfizer – Omaha, NE
  • Schutter v Pfizer – Chicago, IL
  • Baity v General Electric – Rochester, NY
  • Welch v Pfizer – Little Rock, AR
  • State of New Jersey v Astra Zeneca – Camden, NJ
  • State of Mississippi v Novartis – Brandon, MS
  • Dees v Pfizer – Las Vegas NV


  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • National Rifle Association


  • Honor Graduate – U.S. Army Calibration School, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
  • Bill Norris Shark Award – Control Data Corporation


  • Massapequa High School – Massapequa NY
  • US Army Calibration & Repair – Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD
  • Computer Industry Hardware-specific training – Magnetic Tape, Magnetic Disk, Printers, IBM Mainframe Computers, IBM Peripherals, Control Data Computers
  • Computer supercomputers, Fujitsu PrimePower Computers & Servers, MaXXan Storage Devices line-speed Encryption appliances, Microsoft-based personal computers


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