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Daniel Halseth

Daniel Halseth

IT Consultant
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Summary of Experience:

Daniel Halseth has over 25 years of customer service, technical consulting and business development experience. Covering multiple areas of IT/IS with a mix of standard and non-standard technical solutions. Daniel has developed market engineering strategies and concepts to implementation savings and helping companies around the world market their products using the latest web technologies and social media. With a passion for Apple, Microsoft and Google and virtual machines there is plenty to keep busy with and from a musical perspective he has performed in hundreds of bands from symphonic to metal with a passion for creating. Daniel attended Western Oregon University where he received a Bachelor’s of Music Degree in contemporary composition. He also attended Corban University for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Management. He received an engineering certificate from Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Daniel enjoys graphic design, video editing, composition, camping, hiking, photography, drone flying, teaching, creating websites and working with Veterans in all of our Armed Forces. Most importantly continually learning, researching new things is #1 passion.


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