Stacey Tagen

Stacey Tagen

Sr. Trial Consultant
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Sr. Trial Consultant

Summary of Experience:

Stacey Tagen started his career working for Gulf Oil, Shell Oil and eventually landed at Pennzoil working overseas as a Project Manager for AIOC (Azerbaijan International Oil Company) which was a consortium of 10 Oil Companies, Pennzoil being one of them at the time. AIOC was located in Baku, Azerbaijan which gained its Independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union. While working in Baku and the surrounding region Stacey was responsible for overseeing the complex IT and Communication Infrastructure being established to work both onshore and in the Caspian Sea. Stacey was also responsible for working with and teaching the local Azeri staff the various Software programs used for the development and drilling of oil wells offshore.

While working in Baku Stacey started assisting staff from Baker Botts. Baker Botts was Pennzoil’s Counsel in the AIOC project. Baker Botts eventually opened an office in Baku and asked Stacey to assist with their communications and network implementation. Baker Botts worked closely with Stacey both stateside and abroad and offered Stacey a job once his assignment with Pennzoil was finished. Stacey went on to set up all International offices throughout his career with Baker Botts.

Stacey Tagen has well over a 150 extensive trial cases under his belt. Stacey has extensive experience in cases, including but not limited to:

Product Liability
Personal Injury
Patent Infringement
Contract Law

Stacey is a licensed Private Investigator, Process Server and a Commissioned Officer. Stacey has worked on many important missions overseas and abroad. Stacey is also a Licensed IT Administrator and excels in the implementation of IT Networks. Stacey is very highly skilled and diverse Trial Presenter.


Stacey loves to fish and hunt (Bad Guys) and Volunteer with various Rodeo Organizations. Stacey is an all-around great guy!

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