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Additional Services



Let LCI assist in helping you and your team prepare by creating a mock trial environment. Your mock trial will enable you to test your theories and experiment with different methods of communicating critical points of your trial presentation. We video tape your mock trial so you can see and hear exactly what the jurors experience during trial.

We’ll work with your team to prepare your mock trial and customize the trial to the needs of your case. We’ll work side by side with the litigation team to simulate a realistic court of law that lets you see the strengths of your presentation and make adjustments on the fly for a more comprehensive and convincing argument.


If your mock trial requires a mock jury we’re ready to assist. We can provide a specific juror within your age and demographic or a mixed demographic to enhance the realism of your mock trial. LCI mock jurors are hand chosen and background screened by LCI experts and the jurors will be fully prepared to render a mock verdict.


LCI offers visual services across a vast array of media. Our highly skilled team of video and photography professionals have years of experience videotaping depositions and creating courtroom demonstratives to get your point across.

  • Deposition Taping & Editing Professional videotaping and deposition editing for the courtroom.
  • Media Duplication & Encoding Encode video from any source to any format.
  • Video-Transcript Synchronization Synchronized transcripts produced in all trial software formats.


LCI finds and retains experts with specialties, knowledge, skills, experience, training and education that exceed the experience of laymen. We retain Medical, Scientific, Health, Technical, Business and Forensic Professionals. Experts are available for Document Review, Legal Consultation, and Litigation Services.

LCI knows what it takes to find winning experts and that an expert should be involved in a case as early as possible. This includes technical analysis, deposition prep, discovery, document analysis, settlement and mediation discussions, and summarization of facts for juries. LCI knows that the client should be involved in the selection and retention of an expert before any payment agreements are reached.


LCI researches and places the right legal expert on cases. If you need an expert, call us.

  • Compatibility skills
  • Communication skills
  • Education, degrees and training
  • Specific knowledge
  • Practical experience
  • Licensing and peer reviewed publications
  • Qualifications as an expert witness
  • Willingness to serve as an expert
  • Ability to provide timely reports
  • Dual ability to serve both as a consultant and an expert
  • Prepare demonstrative evidence
  • Testify at a deposition and trial


Knowing how to legally affect services in a foreign country is the first step to successful service. LCI knows how and we do it every day, serving foreign countries is a service we specialize in.

  • Legal Requirements
    Every country, and every state, has its own legal requirements for the service of process. There are some countries that have laws prohibiting private service. Call us and we can help you determine if the process is going to work for you in a timely and efficient manner. We want you to ask questions and become very familiar with the foreign process service so that your service goes as smoothly and accurately as possible.
  • Additional Foreign Process Services
    Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
    Hague Evidence Convention
    Hague Service Convention
    Letter Rogatory


Working with multiple translators on multiple documents is something we do every day at LCI. We offer quick turnaround times and translations are guaranteed.

Our Global Translation Service Includes:

  • Translation by one native, educated, experienced and industry specific translator
  • Edited and proofread by a second, separate equally qualified translator
  • Reviewed by a third, equally qualified translator for proofreading
  • Process through our internal quality control system before being returned to the client

Your turnaround time to complete each assignment will depend on the total estimated source or target word counts, the number of languages to be translated and the actual number of files to be translated, as well as the use of technical terminology.

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