Client Kudos

-Associate-New York Office

Despite the fact that we contacted you virtually on the eve of the hearing, you were able to pull together all of the people and resources necessary to make the graphic presentation aspect of the hearing run extremely smooth.


By the way, Lisa, I meant to send you an email earlier to let you know what a fantastic job that Wil and Kevin did during the first week of arbitration. Obviously, we have a lot of work still in front of us but we really appreciate the expertise that Wil has brought to bear and the support that Kevin provided in the first week.

-Vice President-Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Dear Lisa and Todd,

I wanted to write to you to tell you what a great job Darren did for us at trial. I never even heard of trial concierge services before this trial and now can’t imagine an out of town trial without them. From the client perspective, he seamlessly joined my trial team, and helped enormously at facilitating or completing so many tasks — I couldn’t even list all the different things he made happen. For me, it was wonderful to know that the trial lawyers didn’t have to deal with so many details and could focus on the trial itself. Moreover, Darren is simply terrific to have around — smart and reliable. He was a highly valued member of our team.

Thank you again,


I enjoyed working with Legal Concierge on this matter.


Thank you very much for the thoughtfulness and excellent service.


Thank you, Lisa.

More importantly, our thanks to the entire Legal Concierge team with special kudos to Cindy, Dan and Brett. They were a wonderful additional to our team throughout!!

Have a good day,


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