Client Kudos

-Partner-Quinn Emanuel

Dear Lisa and Todd:

Now that the dust has settled, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for the amazing support that Legal Concierge provided through this trial that spanned several months. This was the first time that I worked with LCI, and it won’t be my last. Darren and Kevin were professional, diligent and attentive throughout. They made our job so easy that all we had to think about is working on the case. You are very lucky to have these folks working for LCI and being the face of LCI. I was lucky to have benefited from their years of experience in setting up the trial sites, driving us to and from the courthouse and overall, being great people to work with.

-Partner-O’Melveny & Meyers LLP


Your team was fabulous. Darren and Joe were instrumental parts of our team. They and LCI delivered on your promise – to take care of the details so we could focus on the case. They fulfilled every request, large and small. And there weren’t many requests because they had largely thought of everything before we asked. They are tremendous ambassadors for your company.

I will recommend LCI to my colleagues.

-Attorney-McCrum Law Office


We’re coming near the end of trial, and we successfully made it through the deposition presentations. Thanks so much for your help and extraordinary professionalism in getting our videos done so quickly. Your follow-up with me to make sure that I knew how to operate the software and make little tweaks made all the difference. We really appreciate it, and you’ll be the first person I think of when I get a chance to make a referral.

-Associate-Quinn Emanuel

Lisa and Todd,

I was on the team that recently hired LCI for trial in San Jose. I wanted to let you know how helpful both Darren Winward and Kevin Welch were throughout the six weeks we were there. Six weeks is a long time to be away, and they did absolutely everything they could to make the time as easy as possible. Their attention to detail, whether it be acquiring additional supplies, having vans ready for transportation, retrieving personal items I’d forgotten in my hotel room, or modifying food menus to cater to everyone’s preferences, was remarkable. They were patient and understanding, despite some stressful situations. I could not imagine a more competent, pleasant team.

Thank you,

-Litigation Support Manager-Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP


I have cc’d Darren & Kyle because they more than deserve to know exactly how wonderful it has been to have them set up this trial site. Their work attitudes are tenacious and the depth of their knowledge – well – because I cannot think of a better word, deep, very, very deep. However, they both have a way sharing that experience with others (i.e. me) that is not condescending but educational.

Thanks and look forward to the next.

-Partner-Butler Snow


You were terrific as usual and the entire team commented on how much your presence added value and reduced the stress. Please forward this to your supervisor as we want her/him to know how pleased we were with your service.


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