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Document Review


LCI delivers a variety of software and managed services across the entire litigation and regulatory lifecycle. We manage your data preservation and compliance requirements utilizing secure cloud based technology with automated, matured, expert workflows that dramatically reduce your risk and litigation costs.

  • Litigation Hold
  • Data Collections and Analysis
  • Full eDiscovery Processing
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Search and Analysis
  • Review Preparation and Management
  • TAR Workflows Utilizing World Class Analytics When Justified

LCI offers technology on a subscription basis. You own the software. No infrastructure to buy. No hardware up–keep. No monthly invoice surprise. You drive your own software or LCI will drive it for you with a managed services plan that is tailored to your needs. For a flat monthly fee that is predictable and highly competitive, LCI offers the following technology features.

LCI LitHold, powered by TotalDiscovery™, is an integrated, easy-to-use legal hold management solution that doesn’t require software to be installed or additional hardware to be purchased. Correspond with and track responses with employees/witnesses by asking customizable questions related to legal matters and compliance. Ask employees and potential witnesses about issues and facts related to the matter, and about where they maintain their documents and data. LCI LitHold tracks and documents the entire process, building a searchable and reportable database as you go.

LCI LitHold provides:

  • Unlimited Users and Holds
  • Automated Process Tracking & Reminders
  • Interview Employees
  • Litigation Budgeting
  • Automated IT Task Suspension
  • Detailed Reporting & Custodian Portal
  • Data Preservation and Collection

LCI Collect, powered by TotalDiscovery™. When legal hold is not enough data must be preserved! Preservation and collection of data in a defensible manner has never been more important. Preserving and collecting data for legal purposes is challenging and requires sophisticated technical and forensic processes. Most organizations today preserve data in a highly manual, cumbersome and expensive way. With LCI Collect, reach out and control the collection of data yourself.

LCI Collect provides:

  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • Digital Chain-of-Custody
  • Real-Time Metrics & Reporting
  • eDiscovery Processing, Filtering and ECA

LCI Discover, powered by TotalDiscovery™, is a proven eDiscovery and storage software solution that allows you to catalogue, store, search and filter documents, reducing data to manageable levels. When used in conjunction with LCI Collect, this fully integrated suite automatically begins processing and indexing collected data immediately. No more hard drive shuffle. No more waiting for your “vendor” to receive and process data.

LCI Discover provides:

  • Full eDiscovery Processing
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Unlimited Search & Culling
  • Attorney Review Data Preparation
  • Deliver to Your Review Platform or Ours


LCI Review, provides you with review hosting for some of the most well respected and trusted brands in eDiscovery: Relativity and Concordance. Do you have your own review platform? LCI can deliver to virtually any review platform.

  • Full Support From Certified Administrators
  • Training and Assistance
  • Enterprise Class, Highly Secure and Scalable Cloud Based Infrastructure
  • Terabytes of Data Hosted Across Hundreds of Cases
  • Minimal No-Load Fees
  • Leverage Utility Computing to Reduce Your Costs
  • Choose From Many Site Templates or Customize Your Own – No Extra Charge


LCI has been setting up war rooms and court rooms for 17 years in all 50 states, Canada, Europe and Puerto Rico

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