Document Review

LCI can support your team during document review

LCI takes care of the details

An important part of the discovery process in litigation is the parties’ exchange of documents relevant to the case. LCI has experience with this complex part of litigation, LCI has managed document reviews across the U.S. and in Europe from providing contract attorney reviewers to overseeing the needs of the review team.

Our expertise and resources are well-versed in workflow and technology to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the document review process. This important offering allows firms and clients to conserve resources for more pressing projects. Our team is experienced in architecting and managing large-scale Document Review projects providing regular client communications and collaborations throughout the entire process.

Our dedicated Project Management team is experienced, consistent, accurate and efficient. The variety of reviews include:

  • Attorney-client privilege document review.
  • Discovery request document review.
  • Documents containing concerning privacy and critical issues.
  • Summarizing the documents’ critical points.

International Document Review set ups? No problem!

Managed document review saves thousands of dollars compared to a linear document review workflow. With crucial deadlines coming in from all directions you can count on LCI and its experienced team of professionals to plan, implement and execute all areas to meet your desired results. LCI is uniquely positioned to be your point personnel for your next document review project.



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