Expert Witness Placement

For over 20 years LCI has provided expert witnesses for fantastic results

LCI knows expert witnessess

LCI has a personal approach to finding the expert for your case. We are not a search engine; we personally find and vet each expert. We research the expert and find them based on their knowledge and credentials.  LCI has been called upon to place some of the most difficult to find, case specific, rare experts. That challenge has taken LCI to new heights on expert placements in complex litigation matters.

An excellent Expert Witness should have 5 ingredients:


An expert witness must have top-notch academic credentials to testify on the witness stand.  They should have a terminal degree in their discipline along with real-world achievements, several publishing’s that support those credentials.

Great Communication Skills:

Effective and persuasive communication with both judge and jury are critical. A solid expert will be able to gain – and sustain – the interest of the court, communicating complex medical or technical facts in such a way that makes them easy to understand yet highly credible. A good expert does not just explain their findings, they make a connection with jurors that conveys trust and credibility.


Expert witnesses must be confident in their professional findings and communicate this confidence during testimony and cross-examination. An expert who is not 100% confident about their opinion may convey this to the jury and provoke doubt.


An expert must give consistent opinions when preparing their initial report, during the deposition and while testifying at trial. Consistency in previous testimony and published reports are equally important, as any disparate remarks can diminish the credibility of the expert opinion.

Attention to Detail:

In addition to preparing a detailed written report on their professional findings, an expert will study and re-familiarize themselves with the file repeatedly in the days leading up to the trial, so they are fully prepared for any questions that may arise during cross-examination. Every detail matter in complex litigation, and a good expert will ensure that no aspect has been overlooked when testifying.

Some of the best expert witnesses have teaching backgrounds and vast experience with legal proceedings. They can break down complex jargon into layman’s terms.

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