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Cape Trial Consulting

Legal Concierge Inc. (LCI) Welcomes Cape Trial Consulting
into their family of Companies.


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Cape Trial Consulting

Legal Concierge Inc. (LCI) Welcomes Cape Trial Consulting
into their family of Companies.


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We Focus on the Details, So You Can Focus on the Case ®

Legal Concierge, Inc. (LCI) is the original and most experienced trial support company.  When it is comes to litigation support, LCI has mastered the art of strategy, planning, performance, and execution.  Nationally or internationally, large trials or small, LCI handles all the details during the entire trial process.

LCI takes a holistic approach to trial site management to exceed your trial team’s expectations. A trial team walks into an LCI trial and nothing is needed, other than their presence. Trial costs are enormous and saving money is crucial.  We understand managing a strict budget at trial is of ultimate importance for the client.

LCI takes care of every detail, from the initial stages of budget implementation to the audit of your final bill.   LCI allows your trial team to focus on their own success.  Your trial team can stay fully focused, rested, and engaged without worry of details.

“LCI has the most talented, loyal and dedicated professionals in the industry. We have an incredible mix of people, our talented team members have been with us nearly 20 years, and we all bring the same level of passion and professionalism. All of us share one mission: To produce the best litigation support possible. Our team’s integrity will steal your hearts and effectively exceed your expectations, so you are right at home. From your first trial to your last trial, LCI will be there making your team’s trial experience excellent!”

- Lisa Cain Founder & CEO

Arnold & Porter
I know I speak for our entire team when I say thank you. Thank you for being who you are and what you do.  What is the LCI logo again:  we focus on the details, so you can focus on the case. Never truer.  So, a huge thank you to the entire LCI team.
Arnold & PorterArnold & Porter
EFSMM Trial Attorneys
Well said, Pam.  Can’t thank LCI enough for all they do for us, especially this great LCI team
EFSMM Trial AttorneysEFSMM Trial Attorneys
Cargill, Incorporated
Congratulations on a tremendous victory!  Your advocacy, and a truly outstanding trial performance provided immeasurable benefit to Wayne Sanderson and Cargill.  I was categorically impressed with your preparation, execution, and teamwork.  It was a team effort in the fullest sense of that term – without any one of you and your dedication, this outstanding result was anything but guaranteed.  It isn’t easy to perform at your peak week-after-week in trial and yet you did exactly that – the verdict is a direct reflection of your remarkable work.  I recognize that this likely came at a personal cost for many of you – most notably in significant time away from your friends and family combined with little sleep.  Thank you, personally and professionally, for all that you did.
Cargill, IncorporatedCargill, Incorporated
Johnson & Johnson
Thank you for everything you are doing on this very last-minute matter. The support that your team provided was superb and we couldn’t have asked for better. Thank you again!
Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson
Butler Snow LLP
… Thanks again to each of you for the hard work and dedication. There is no doubt that the collective effort helped the client reach this great result. …  Sending each of you a big hug and huge thanks for your help.
Butler Snow LLPButler Snow LLP
Arnold & Porter
Thanks again for a supremely supportive team in Honolulu!
Arnold & PorterArnold & Porter
Nelson Mullins
Thank you all for your exemplary work and support, which is absolutely characteristic and in keeping with LCI’s stellar record and traditions.
Nelson MullinsNelson Mullins
Although I didn’t get to see or spend much time with you all (the problem with a trial in my hometown), I know how hard you all have been working for the last several weeks, I cannot say this enough – we simply cannot do this without you.  All of this – a successfully tried case (which I believe we tried) – begins and ends with you.  You literally keep this ship running and moving in the right direction.  And I know it comes at the cost of time away from your families, at the cost of sleep and time off, and you do it with grace and support for us and our team.  You make sure we are taken care of and that means the world to me.  Thank you for all you have done for us here in STL and everywhere.  We so appreciate it.
MG+M The Law Firm
… and Richard Lisonbee, Will Vongphakdy, Ray Martin, and Mike Weissenberger (all of LCI) took care of us throughout — coordinating meals, transportation and virtually everything else, so that we could focus on the win. … We know that it takes a village to create a success like this and we sure have a great one!
MG+M The Law FirmMG+M The Law Firm
LCI, your team was fantastic! We are so grateful for your assistance throughout this process. You all make an incredibly difficult job look easy and we know that our ability to pull off these trials is not possible without your help. Thank you for being such a great partner with us!