Client Kudos

At LCI, servicing our clients is our most important concern.  Read what they have to say about us:

Counsel – WilmerHale
You all are amazing. Thanks so much for everything you have done!
Thanks so much for everything you did for us in the last two weeks! Your assistance was invaluable, letting the whole team focus on the matter at hand, not to mention everyone’s great energy on the LCI team—it was transferrable, and we felt it! Also, realized one thing: I never grabbed one of those mousepads as a souvenir. If you could send one to my SF office, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for being the best,
Partner Orrick
We just wanted to take a minute to tell you how amazing the team you sent to support us was. Everyone made the last two weeks here so much easier for all of us and really went above and beyond on multiple occasions. The project lead was especially incredible and made everything from pre-arrival to departure super-seamless. They are just great folks who always had smiles on their faces and incredible patience with everything we needed, whether it was at 4:00 a.m. when we started our trial day, or midnight when the latest crisis hit. It was a real pleasure to work with and get to know each LCI Team member.
Sr. Assistant General Counsel
You guys have been such a rock for us through so many of these that I’ll never be able to write enough thank you’s. The success of any trial starts with you all. None of this works if we don’t have you here steering the ship. Thank you so much for all the countless hours everyone on the team has spent providing support these last several weeks. We very much appreciate the sacrifice everyone has made to be here for so long away from family and friends. Your dedication to this cause and all of your hard work are recognized and greatly appreciated by all of us at Bayer. Thank you,
Sr. Assistant General Counsel
Director of Research – JurySync LLC
Thank you so much, Phil. You, Brett, and Ross were a pleasure to work with and the help you gave me onsite was a huge source of stress relief for me. I’ll be sending positive vibes to the team for a good resolution. Take care!
Director of ResearchJurySync LLC
Attorney - Farella Braun & Martel
We greatly appreciated LCI’s help which was invaluable! Will definitely use you guys for every trial I have.
AttorneyFarella Braun & Martel
Thank you so much for all your help over the last several weeks. We could not have gotten through this trial without you. It’s true what the nametag outside your door says: you are all superstars! Thanks again.
To Whom It May Concern: The LCI Team was outstanding. I know we ended up not having as many exhibits to display at trial as we thought, but you helped make our presentations seamless. The jury actually commented on that when we met with them afterwards. And getting the room set up early was very helpful to our team’s success. We look forward to having an opportunity to work with you again in the future. Thank you to you and the rest of the LCI team for working with us and making sure everything ran smoothly from start to finish!
Squire Patton Boggs
I just wanted to share what a great experience we had with everyone on the LCI Team. They were always on the ball, easy to work with, easy going, personable and just all around great at what they do. Several times I wanted them to think ahead about an issue, and when I raised it, one of them already had a plan in place. Two steps ahead of me. I sincerely hope we get to work with them again.
ParnterSquire Patton Boggs
Associate - Shearman & Sterling
Thanks for all your help, Roman – it was great meeting and working with you.  We will definitely be calling you again next time!
AssociateShearman & Sterling
Counsel Hollingsworth LLP
I was one of the attorneys on the Chicago team from mid-September to mid-November. As we were piling into a car on the way to the airport home, I asked the project lead to pass along your information. Now that I’m acclimated to life on the other side of trial, I wanted to reach out to say how appreciative we were of all LCI team members when we were at trial. I have no idea how the lead project manager handles seemingly constant crises without losing his cool, much less how he does it with a smile on his face. His willingness to do whatever, whenever, made our lives at trial possible. In a move to make my grandmother proud, when I got sick, he made sure to stock the war room with my preferred spicy chicken ramen. When the printers were acting up and I told him on Friday they really needed to be working by Monday to meet a filing deadline, he made it happen. I could go on, but I think you take my point.
Counsel Hollingsworth LLPCounsel Hollingsworth LLP
The LCI team’s leadership, proactiveness, and patience was incredible. Everyone couldn’t have been more hard working and thoughtful. It was truly a delight to work with them and I was incredibly impressed. Thank you so much for letting us work with them!
Legal Assistant – Hogan Lovells LLP
Just to let you know, Daniel and Ross did a fabulous job. They were really great and extremely helpful. They were super friendly, knowledgeable and took care of everyone’s needs. Thank you.
Legal AssistantHogan Lovells LLP
BartlitBeck, LLP
I just wanted to take a moment to commend all the staff at our recent case. One of our partners said last night, at our celebration dinner, that it was such a joy to see the LCI team’s smiles every morning on the way to court, and not only do we second that but we extend that sentiment to everyone from LCI. They have been a dream to work with. The team lead was wonderful at making sure we were taken care of and never felt the stress that these trials naturally cause. The remainder of the LCI team was so flawless at keeping smiles on their faces and ours—we never had to lift a finger or worry. Truly the only concern there was if we were on the ball enough for them. The reproduction team was so efficient and careful with our print jobs; we never had to worry if something was incorrect. In fact, they often were able to quality check us! As you know, trial can be insane with long hours and lack of sleep can make people very cranky. I never saw that with anyone on the team. I never saw anything but smiles and encouragement. We are so appreciative of everything they did and would not have been able to be successful without them. So, thank you so much for sending us a wonderful team and I look forward to working with you in the near future.
BartlitBeck, LLPBartlitBeck, LLP
Thank you for your kind note. You all have been wonderful to work with these past two months. You were so attentive to our every need and even anticipating our needs before they arose! (How did you do that?!) I’m so glad that you were part of our team. I was super-proud of our team. They all performed admirably. They worked hard, and everyone worked so well together. Everyone played their role so well. Hopefully we’ll get the chance to work together on another trial soon. Best,
Associate - Fenwick & West
Thanks for everything, Brett! Including the multiple power outage crisis-management plans. We couldn’t have done it without you!
AssociateFenwick & West LLP