Client Kudos

At LCI, servicing our clients is our most important concern.  Read what they have to say about us:

Senior Paralegal Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Todd and Lisa –As I prepare to head home, I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge (with tremendous thanks), the team that was assigned to assist Morgan Lewis during the DaVita/Florida Blue trial in Jacksonville, FL. With quiet guidance from Kyle McCain, and exceptional support from Moore and Michael Cunningham, we were in exceptionally good hands throughout our stay. Indeed, I believe many of the attorneys on our team came away wondering how they ever managed getting through a trial without the skill and versatility of LCI!! and Michael were wonderful ambassadors who highlighted the variety of services you routinely offer. Don’t be surprised if you leap to the top of our go to list for trial services. And thanks to Marie Stennett as well. I was literally up all night the day before trial which, as you know, is game time. At various times, Michael, and Marie were right there with me (and yes on their knees) helping me to dot the I’s and cross the T’s.
We wound up settling the case on extremely favorable terms, so the Chief Legal Officer is thrilled with the result and what she observed up close and personal in the build up to trial. That’s a tribute to the assiduous work by LCI, the Event Planner and the Hyatt, and the lawyers who were ready for battle. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to work with your team.

Senior Paralegal Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLPLewis & Bockius LLP

I wanted to send a great thank you for LCI’s assistance leading up to and including this week. Chris and Mike were an absolute pleasure to work with and they did a great job!

BartlitBeck LLP

Thank YOU so much. You were the absolute best. You met every request and anticipated even
more (homemade salsa?!). Joe and Angel were great as well.
Thank you for everything. I look forward to the next one!

BartlitBeck LLPBartlitBeck LLP
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Global Head Litigation, Bayer

Thank you all for being such an Integral part of our team. It really does make a difference when you keep your team well supported and that’s what you guys do every day!

Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Global Head Litigation, BayerBayer
Paralegal, Reed Smith LLP

Ms. Cain, As the Charleston opioid trial wraps up a bit earlier than expected, I just wanted to take a moment to offer my gratitude to the LCI Charleston team for their hard work over the last couple of weeks. This is my third trial working with LCI, and while each LCI trial team has done excellent work, the team of Michael, Cary, and Marie was an exceptional one. As I’m sure you know, trial work can be stressful and overwhelming. It was reassuring and comforting to be greeted each day with a smile, and friendly conversation, and the assurances of knowing that our needs each day had been taken care of, sometimes even before we knew they were needs at all. Friendly, accommodating, tireless, hard-working, thoughtful, professional.
All of the qualities I would hope for from a trial support team. A huge thank you to LCI for their continued services of the highest quality, and specifically, huge thanks to Michael, Cary, and Marie for going above and beyond. I hope we at Reed Smith have the opportunity to work with each of them again at a future trial.

Paralegal, Reed Smith LLPReed Smith LLP

Just wanted to say thanks for all the amazing work your team has done thus far. It’s been exceptional and seamless –

We truly appreciate it!

Partner, Mayer Brown LLP

You were fabulous — thank you for everything!

Partner, Mayer Brown LLPMayer Brown LLP
Campbell Conroy & O’Neil

Todd and Lisa, first I wanted to take this opportunity to thank LCI for the great work supporting the Flint Water Trial in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The trial lasted almost 6 months. The LCI team led by Darren Winward could not have been better. Darren led the team and made a very difficult and challenging trial much easier. No matter the issue, Darren, Austin and the others who assisted were always there to assist us. On behalf of the trial team, thank you for all that LCI did for us in Ann Arbor. Now on to the next one!

Campbell Conroy & O’NeilCampbell
Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Global Head Litigation, Bayer

With yet again you all at our side! Your team took great care of everyone, and I was lucky enough to be
there briefly where I was the beneficiary of your amazing team.

Vice President & Assistant General Counsel Global Head Litigation, BayerBayer
Partner, Proskauer

Thank all of YOU for the work that you did with and for us. I don’t think we would have survived without your constant looking out for us. You were wonderful, and a pleasure to try a complex, lengthy case with

Partner, ProskauerProskauer