We Are Legal Concierge Inc.


Where We Started

Before there was Legal Concierge, Inc., there was Lisa Cain and a set of circumstances that can only be described as fortuitous looking back in time.

Lisa Cain was born in the Indian hospital in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and spent her childhood in Bentonville, Arkansas. Lisa’s family home was separated by a ravine from a construction site that turned out to be the very first Walmart store in the U.S. By virtue of its proximity to the new Walmart, Lisa began to take notice of the idea of logistics. As a young girl, she would spend hours watching the delivery trucks come and go, navigating the sharp turn to make their way into the warehouse loading dock. Lisa, the oldest of four girls, remembers the events surrounding her childhood.

“My childhood was really hard. My parents moved us to Bentonville, where my Dad had been given the opportunity to work on a new and upcoming development, the beautiful Bella Vista, a first-rate retirement community in the corner of Northwest Arkansas.

It was a beautiful area and often referred to as ‘God’s Country’.” Her parents struggled to make ends meet and her Dad and Mom both worked so hard. “My heart was broken when in my early teen years, my parents divorced.  The ravine was my refuge, my imagination station, and our playground.” The ravine separated her home from the new Wal-Mart. When the truck drivers came to unload their goods, they did not anticipate the sharp turns that winded down into the warehouse, and every so often, the trucks would end up tipping over spilling their goods into the ravine, the workers left the goods, a treat for the kids playing in the ravine.

Lisa, a Performing Arts Major, had a passion for directing and found the work to be very fulfilling and directing came easily to her.  “I learned I was a much better director than I was an actress.”

After college life at the U of A, Lisa married and moved to Amarillo, Texas. By 1991, Lisa and her family moved to Dallas, Texas, but unfortunately the marriage failed, and Lisa was a single mom responsible for three young children. Lisa wanted to put down roots in Dallas, especially knowing that it was not too far from her family in Northwest Arkansas and her father who resided on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma.

After a few years in Advertising sales, the opportunity to attend a paralegal school program was presented to Lisa. Seizing the chance, she enrolled and ended up graduating at the top of her class. After graduation, she secured a logistics coordinator position at a top Dallas law firm. The first woman who offered her a job became Lisa’s best and most trusted friend. It was not long before she was assigned to oversee one of the largest telecom cases of its time (Samsung v. Alcatel, 1999). After the large telecom trial concluded, Lisa was offered the role to continue at the firm shifting her role in logistics to coordinating trade shows and special events. As gratifying as that new position was, Lisa could not shake her experiences overseeing the logistics with the Samsung trial. With her family forced to live on such a tight budget, Lisa became creative, cost savvy, and fiercely determined. Lisa knew there had to be a more efficient, cost effective way to manage legal cases. The idea of saving a client’s money became a true obsession and her dreams about it woke her up in the night with a true calling.

Real life intervened again when Lisa’s oldest son suffered a near fatal bout of asthma. The doctor told Lisa that she had to work closer to home, she left the law firm and accepted contract paralegal positions to continue to make ends meet. By day, she was a valuable legal assistant, but by night Lisa began work on her business plan for what would become Legal Concierge, Inc., now known nationwide as LCI.

With her prior work experience combined with a background in performing arts, Lisa realized that her training had already prepared her for the future. “There were so many similarities in preparing a production for the stage and preparing a team for trial, and yet I had no idea how to do it. I was a female in a male dominated world with a concept no one had heard of and no idea how to make people believe in me, much less the smartest, most in-demand people in the world.”

Lisa’s oldest son was asthmatic and with him having some close calls and a few too many overnights in the hospital, Lisa made a critical decision to begin working from home. With no room in her house, she took the doors off a coat closet, tuning the tiny space into a home office in order to stay closer to her son’s school in case of a unexpected attack. Lisa’s home coat closet became what would be her office for the next eight years. Lisa continued working night and day out of her makeshift office, struggling to strike a balance between work and home life, up to and including a ban on television and radio so she could maintain her focus.

“I was working from home when working from home wasn’t cool.  I fought for every client, I fought those who took them from me, I fought those who saw me as weaker because of my gender, and I overall fought for my dream.”

What happened next is testament to Lisa’s tenacious work ethic. She was working on a contract project for Blockbuster in McKinney, Texas when ironically, she received a call from Blockbuster’s San Antonio counsel’s office asking for her assistance in what would become the Cleveland v. Viacom litigation.  The opportunity of a lifetime landed in her lap and the opportunity was at last in Lisa’s grasp. Every movie studio in New York City and Hollywood was involved in this litigation.  LCI was tasked with facilitating and maintaining 50 offices, six working war rooms, catering in 3 locations, transportation, equipment, IT infrastructure and even security, all went off without a hitch and LCI was born!

With her career launched, and the company accepted in the legal world, Lisa moved forward with LCI full time, and never looked back. LCI’s mantra of “every client and every case are treated with the same level of importance” carries on today. LCI is now known, respected and their clients beloved. LCI is here because of sheer determination and divine intervention and no one opportunity is ever taken for granted.

LCI is here to stay.



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