Foreign Process Service

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Foreign Process Service

Certified Document Process Service: We deliver your documents through certified methods that are accepted in courts worldwide. Knowing how to legally affect services in a foreign country is the first step to successful service.

LCI knows how to do it and we do it every day, serving foreign countries is a service we specialize in.

Legal Requirements

One Stop Solution: Not Only Do We Serve Your Documents, WE TRANSLATE THEM! When Serving Abroad You Must Translate the Documents.

Every country, and every state, has its own legal requirements for the service of process. There are some countries that have laws prohibiting private service. Call us and we can help you determine if the process is going to work for you in a timely and efficient manner. We want you to ask questions and become very familiar with the foreign process service so that your service goes as smoothly and accurately as possible.

Additional Foreign Process Services

Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
Hague Evidence Convention
Hague Service Convention
Letter Rogatory

It does not matter where your service is, LCI will get it done, it will be tracked and delivered to you just like you need it to be done within the expected time frame. Work with LCI and experience a service you can count on!

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