Mock Trials & Jurys

LCI helps you experience how a jury really sees your case.

Mock Trials

LCI will work with your team to prepare your mock trial and customize the trial to the needs of your case. We can work side by side with the litigation team to simulate a realistic court of law that lets you see the strengths of your presentation and adjust on the fly for a more comprehensive and convincing argument. Practicing your case presentations gives legal teams key insight as to the discerning points that can either strengthen or weaken an argument.

Mock Jurys

If your mock trial requires a mock jury, we are ready to assist. LCI has been providing mock jurors to law firms and their summer interns for years. LCI sources the jurors, we ask the questions and we do the background screening.

LCI mock jurors are hand chosen according to your requests. We can provide jurors within a certain age and demographic range, or even a mixed demographic to enhance the realism of your mock trial to your courtroom jury pool.

The jurors will be fully prepared to participate and render a mock trial verdict.



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