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Paralegal, Butler Snow LLP

By October 4, 2022 No Comments

David & Jeff – I know I speak on behalf of the whole team as I say THANK YOU! You two are AWESOME! Y’all went above and beyond and kept us smiling and laughing even in tense moments! You two are a core part of our trial team and we could not have made it without each of you.

David – as always your dedication to the team and knowledge about the area are unmatched! You my friend, are an immense talent and I hope LCI knows how blessed they are to have you! You served this team day and night, you were available to us around the clock and each night when you told us you were signing off but to call if we needed anything we knew you meant it! You are reliable to the core and make our lives so much easier! Jeff – it was such a pleasure to work with you for the first time! Your willingness to dive in and help with anything and everything was amazing! You were not only extremely helpful but your smile and compassion touched every team member! Each time you saw a need, you met it without even a second thought, you never once complained (even when our requests were difficult!!) and we could tell each day you truly find joy in your job! That is contagious! I hope this is not our last time to work together because you are now on my list of favorite LCI team members!!!

Lisa & Todd – thank you two so much for always providing great talent and support for each pelvic mesh trial.

LCI always comes through for us in many more ways than I have listed out above, from the smallest detail to the largest – thankyou!

Paralegal, Butler Snow LLPButler Snow LLP