Trial Graphics

Put your creative genius on display.

Jurors desire persuasive visuals

Our Graphics Consultants work with you to create motivating demonstratives, openings and closings that are informative, persuasive, and educational. We utilize a vast array of media options including animations, interactive timelines and charts, slide creations and exhibit boards are so persuasive.  Our goal is to provide you with the best option in Trial Graphics for your specific case and audience.

The main goal should be to tell a clear story visually.  A story has a beginning, a middle, and an end, but the story begins by capturing your audience’s attention. Studies have proven that a juror retains more facts faster with visuals.  A hierarchy of segmented topics, weaved together with testimony, designed so that members of a jury can easily work through the storyline with better retention of key and concise points.


The importance of compelling Trial Graphics:


  • We believe a jury retains more information about the key points of your case with visuals.
  • Allows your audience to benefit from simple, straightforward, demonstratives that help drive your point home.
  • Clarifies technical details, such as complex maps, charts, graphs, and machinery simulations through simplified illustrations.
  • Aid in describing complex medical detail, helping to convince your audience.
  • Relate events both before & afterward with timelines, highlighting specific events.
  • Enable viewers clear side by side comparisons so that contrasting data becomes visual.
  • You think it, we can create it for your openings and closings!

LCI also provides Interactive Demonstratives that are built for the operator to click on boxes and move in a free-form manner to reference relevant information.



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