Trial Site Management

All of your needs are taken care of before you arrive and all details are handled after you leave.

LCI takes care of ALL the details for your trial team

LCI offers a diverse collection of litigation support resources under one roof. We evaluate your trial team’s needs, wants and expectations.  With 20 years of trial experience, we partner with you to incorporate the services you require, while ensuring your team’s comfort and productivity so you can focus on your case.

LCI has worked in every District and Federal courthouse throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada and in Europe. With hundreds of cases behind us, we have the knowledge to make your trial run exceptionally smooth and with well-orchestrated precision. LCI presents the team with operating budgets and options that will make your team comfortable and highly productive no matter where the venue.

We want your team to stay focused on time-sensitive legal work.  Our staff ensures your trial team operates at peak efficiency throughout your trial, providing 24/7 upkeep and support. ​ When your trial concludes we pack up your materials, reconcile the project and ship everything home for you.​

Where is your trial?

Where are you going to trial?

We’ve managed hundreds of cases around the globe.



Your team is worry free to focus on clients and legal strategies



LCI keeps your team working at optimum efficiency.

Project Management

LCI is your one stop for complete trial project support.

Budgeting & Expense Management

LCI can help you stay within your budget, all with one clearly detailed invoice, every expense is accounted for.

IT Support

LCI makes sure your network stays up 24/7.

Equipment Rental

We are the one vendor that can fulfill all of your office equipment needs and requests. You need it, we have it!

Hotel & War Room Management

Do you want to work in a hotel or an office space? LCI has a network of options to source your ideal work environment.

Logistics & Transportation

Whatever you need to get to trial, we can transport it. LCI’s Operations team are DOT certified and we own our trucks and vans. We even story our clients trial supplies for free!

LCI Digital Services

Impact the Jury

Graphics, Media, and More…



LCI is here to help.  Call us at 1-(866) 396-7034, e-mail at or fill out our contact form.