Video Depositions

LCI can provide our clients with digital formats including MPEG-1, MP4, CD-ROM, and DVD formats.

Video depositions, a visual record of testimony

Video depositions create a visual record of the deposition testimony. They go beyond typical written transcripts because videos convey emotion and inflection, silences and sighs that are all lost in text recorded via traditional depositions. Videotaped depositions often become the tipping point toward trial or settlement of a case.

Video depositions offer the opportunity for attorneys to better convey witness testimony in either trial or settlement settings. Video depositions can be presented in lieu of live testimony. Also, excerpts of video depositions can be shown during trials to impeach a witness who gives contradictory live testimony.

  • LCI can provide you with HD quality deposition video with the latest digital recording capabilities, and with quick turnaround. Let LCI record your next deposition.
  • Video depositions are essential for capturing key components of testimony that can be used in court for Impeachment purposes, or for non-appearing witnesses. Let LCI capture your next deposition.
  • LCI provides high quality deposition video services that lets you observe the demeanor, body language, facial expressions, and the reactions of your witness. Depositions are recorded using high quality cameras and with high gain microphones.

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