Client Kudos

-Partner – Nelson Mullins

“LCI has had our back as an essential part of the trial team in every case we’ve tried for at least 5 years.  I cannot imagine going to trial without their support anymore.”




-Partner – Williams & Connolly LLP

Dear Roman, Ross, and the LCI team,


Thank you for your outstanding work on the Lidoderm trial site.  It takes a massive amount of careful planning and hard work to establish an effective, well-running trial site.  And the Lidoderm site was first-rate.  We’re grateful to you for your hard work and dedication.  (We’re also grateful for your good-humor upon learning the news that you needed to turn around and do it all in reverse a little sooner than we might have expected.)


Hope to have a chance to work with you again soon.  You did a terrific job!



-Senior Counsel, Corporate Litigation


I previously wrote after a trial earlier this year complimenting Kyle’s work ethic. Since then I have had the pleasure of working two back-to-back trials in Philadelphia with Kyle and David Lawrence. I can’t say enough good things about both of them. David does a phenomenal job. My printer mysteriously never ran out of paper because David was constantly filling it. We had a fire alarm go off one night and David and Kyle took all of the court boxes down the stairs since the elevators were out of service. David rarely slept and acted as a part time security guard. I saw David yesterday in Chicago helping to set up for the Herrera trial and it made me realize that I forgot to write you to brag on him.

In addition, we recently finished a trial with Brett and Loren and they both did an amazing job. I’m at another trial with both of them in Chicago now and they have been working hard around the clock. They are always punctual getting the team and documents to and from court, handling laundry, and making life a little less stressful during trial. You have a great group of folks working for you. Not only are they dependable and have great work ethics, but they are personable and fun to be around.

Senior Counsel, Corporate Litigation

-Case Manager

Hi, Lisa & Todd.

I just want to take a moment to email you guys to tell y’all how much we appreciate all of you at LCI. I cc’d Stacey, Darren & Roman – I don’t think I have Dan & Christian’s emails to cc them so please let them know.

Everyone at LCI has been so HELPFUL, positive attitude, will go to any length to help us, very kind & sweet to all of us, gets the job done quickly, shuttling us around like crazy and totally sweet about it, printing exhibits in morning for court, getting things out of attorney’s hotels rooms for them, running things to court for us – I can go on & on.

I know sometimes the attorneys do not thank people but my team been complimenting y’all like crazy – so I wanted to let y’all know that too.

Again, thank y’all for everything y’all do for us – we truly appreciate it! Everyone at LCI is amazing!!!

Case Manager

-Attorney-Wilmer Hale

Thank you so much, Joe and Darren!!

I knew you would do a great job because I have worked with LCI in the past, but you still managed to exceed all expectations. It makes such a difference when preparing for/in the middle of trial to know that all the details are expertly taken care of, and I very much appreciate it. You guys are the best!

-Lead Attorney-O’Melveny

Joe and Darren,

Let me add my thanks to the pile – you guys really are the best. I don’t ever want to do a trial without you!


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