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Cargill, Incorporated

By January 11, 2024 No Comments

Congratulations on a tremendous victory!  Your advocacy, and a truly outstanding trial performance provided immeasurable benefit to Wayne Sanderson and Cargill.  I was categorically impressed with your preparation, execution, and teamwork.  It was a team effort in the fullest sense of that term – without any one of you and your dedication, this outstanding result was anything but guaranteed.  It isn’t easy to perform at your peak week-after-week in trial and yet you did exactly that – the verdict is a direct reflection of your remarkable work.  I recognize that this likely came at a personal cost for many of you – most notably in significant time away from your friends and family combined with little sleep.  Thank you, personally and professionally, for all that you did.

Cargill, IncorporatedCargill, Incorporated