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Counsel Hollingsworth LLP

By June 26, 2023 No Comments

I was one of the attorneys on the Chicago team from mid-September to mid-November. As we were piling into a car on the way to the airport home, I asked the project lead to pass along your information. Now that I’m acclimated to life on the other side of trial, I wanted to reach out to say how appreciative we were of all LCI team members when we were at trial.

I have no idea how the lead project manager handles seemingly constant crises without losing his cool, much less how he does it with a smile on his face. His willingness to do whatever, whenever, made our lives at trial possible. In a move to make my grandmother proud, when I got sick, he made sure to stock the war room with my preferred spicy chicken ramen. When the printers were acting up and I told him on Friday they really needed to be working by Monday to meet a filing deadline, he made it happen. I could go on, but I think you take my point.

Counsel Hollingsworth LLPCounsel Hollingsworth LLP