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By October 1, 2019 No Comments

A quick note of appreciation for the support provided by LCI team members during the recent trial in San Diego. We had many logistical needs during this lengthy bench trial, but the trial team was always prepared thanks to our LCI colleagues. It was also a big relief to know that our out-of-town witnesses were in good hands with LCI. In the course of more than 10 weeks in San Diego, I had reason to rely on each of the LCI team members. Kyle helped me sort out some accommodation issues that made a big difference to my stay at trial. David made sure everyone was well-fed, starting well before 6 am, and always took the trouble to have a special vegetarian meal on hand for me. Ronnie had exactly the right supplies on hand at all times, including, at one point, chasing down several sizes of plastic sheet protectors in a single afternoon. Ross was a very helpful starting member of the team, getting us set up for a routine of commuting and working in an offsite war room during the trial day. Stacey, well, Stacey saved us from ourselves – getting us to Court on a sometimes-tight schedule, finding parking in the most impossible situations, and even tracking down Band-Aids when I had a particularly bad court shoes/blisters combination.

In short, thanks to your team for helping us get through the summer in San Diego.

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