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Paralegal, Reed Smith LLP

By October 4, 2022 No Comments

Ms. Cain, As the Charleston opioid trial wraps up a bit earlier than expected, I just wanted to take a moment to offer my gratitude to the LCI Charleston team for their hard work over the last couple of weeks. This is my third trial working with LCI, and while each LCI trial team has done excellent work, the team of Michael, Cary, and Marie was an exceptional one. As I’m sure you know, trial work can be stressful and overwhelming. It was reassuring and comforting to be greeted each day with a smile, and friendly conversation, and the assurances of knowing that our needs each day had been taken care of, sometimes even before we knew they were needs at all. Friendly, accommodating, tireless, hard-working, thoughtful, professional.
All of the qualities I would hope for from a trial support team. A huge thank you to LCI for their continued services of the highest quality, and specifically, huge thanks to Michael, Cary, and Marie for going above and beyond. I hope we at Reed Smith have the opportunity to work with each of them again at a future trial.

Paralegal, Reed Smith LLPReed Smith LLP