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Senior Counsel, Corporate Litigation – Butler Snow

By January 9, 2016 No Comments


I previously wrote after a trial earlier this year complimenting Kyle’s work ethic. Since then I have had the pleasure of working two back-to-back trials in Philadelphia with Kyle and David Lawrence. I can’t say enough good things about both of them. David does a phenomenal job. My printer mysteriously never ran out of paper because David was constantly filling it. We had a fire alarm go off one night and David and Kyle took all of the court boxes down the stairs since the elevators were out of service. David rarely slept and acted as a part time security guard. I saw David yesterday in Chicago helping to set up for the Herrera trial and it made me realize that I forgot to write you to brag on him.

In addition, we recently finished a trial with Brett and Loren and they both did an amazing job. I’m at another trial with both of them in Chicago now and they have been working hard around the clock. They are always punctual getting the team and documents to and from court, handling laundry, and making life a little less stressful during trial. You have a great group of folks working for you. Not only are they dependable and have great work ethics, but they are personable and fun to be around.

Senior Counsel, Corporate LitigationButler Snow