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Senior Litigation Paralegal – Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr

By October 11, 2016 No Comments

I have been a Litigation Paralegal for more than twenty years, and have assisted at many, many trials. Conducting a trial out of the home office is no big deal; it’s the away trials that are so overwhelming. On top of performing my usual tasks as a paralegal the responsibility of figuring out the remote war room including housing, technology, etc. has also been placed on me. Talk about overwhelming! Suddenly I am floundering in an area about which I have no expertise.

Prior to one of my recent away trials I was talking to one of our IT people, thinking (stressing) out loud about what I might need in the war room when she told me about Legal Concierge. I immediately got on the phone with Lisa Cain and after a few short minutes felt a huge amount of relief. All of those remote war room concerns were lifted from my shoulders and placed onto Lisa’s and her staff’s.

From negotiating the cost of the hotel and war rooms, obtaining and installing photocopy and scanning equipment, acquiring and setting up temporary shelving for our boxes, having the correct phone lines installed to handle 12 internet connections, as well as telephone connections, and providing technicians to be a part of our team both in the war room and at the courthouse, to making sure we had snacks to keep us going late into the night Lisa was able to handle all of it. Because Lisa and her staff were able to take care of those types of details I was able to continue doing my job as a paralegal and not waste my time on things I knew nothing about, nor had time to deal with.

I whole-heartedly recommend Legal Concierge to those paralegals that want to focus on what they know best…assisting their attorneys get to and through trial, and not the other details Lisa Cain and her staff can so aptly handle.

Senior Litigation ParalegalWilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr