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Phil,  Now that our work together on the SABIC v Williams trial in Plaquemine LA has ended, I wanted to write a short note expressing my appreciation for all of your hard work and efforts during the past couple of weeks.

In addition to your “regular” LCI duties coordinating the trial team’s needs during this period, you were able to find the time to drive me to/from the New Orleans airport several times (90 minutes each way – including my final trip that required leaving the hotel at 4 AM!), arrange for many customized meals that did not conform to the limited choices available to us in Plaquemine, cater to special needs (such as tea instead of coffee) – and do all of this with kindness and a warm smile, both of which are sincerely appreciated during the hectic days of trial.

I’m well-aware that your simple replies to my “thank-you’s” were always that “it’s part of your job”.  But it’s obvious to me that you were always going “the extra mile”, whether it was your job or not.

As you know, I am the Leader of FTI Consulting’s Petroleum and Chemicals practice.  FTI always prides itself on providing outstanding services to its clients.  I wanted to make sure that you and those you work with at LCI know what an outstanding resource and person you are!

Again, my sincere thanks for making my personal trial time in Plaquemine during these past couple of weeks significantly easier than it might have been.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on another trial in the future.

Senior Managing DirectorFTI